[Fireside chat] How AI is disrupting the Philippines' BPO industry

About this session

In recent years, the Philippines has emerged as a leader in the multi-billion dollar business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. The industry employs over one million people and is one of the biggest contributors to the country’s GDP. The industry benefits from government policies and tax holidays, a well-educated workforce, an increase in foreign investment in call centres and growth in health care, analytics and financial services outsourcing. But there are growing concerns with the rise of artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered translators and Applications, which threaten to replace voice based services, low-skilled and process-driven jobs in the next five years. Can high-tech and high-touch co-exist? How does this affect the growth of the BPO industry and  the creation of new, specialised jobs? Can the BPO industry continue to drive economic growth going forward?

3:20 pm
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