[Panel discussion] China's role in the Philippines' infrastructure story

Pactrick Ip
Managing Director, China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund (CAF)
About this session

President Duterte’s administration is pushing forward the ‘build build build’ program, earmarking 75 flagship projects with a combined total of US$36 billion in investments. Many believe that China will be key to the success of this plan, and the Philippines’ future growth. To strengthen the infrastructure cooperation even further, the two countries have agreed on a 10-year infrastructure cooperation program including China’s BRI and the Philippines’ Long Term Vision in 2018. Although Duterte is mending the country’s relationship with China, how will he manage and mitigate potential political risks? Will the “60-40 rule” deter foreign investors from investing in infrastructure? How can both countries work together to achieve mutual interests, win-win cooperation and avoid the debt trap? What can the Philippines learn from China’s decades of infrastructure development?

3:30 pm
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